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Safety is the responsibility of the principle contractor. SAFEDECK allows employees and sub-contractors a safe means of access and egress across the site by providing a slip free platform to work on. It also delivers an internal fall protection system to eradicate the fall.

SAFE DECK has a dual locking pin safety feature, which can be viewed from above to show the system is locked correctly. The unique design and manufacture exceed the
current safety regulations and standards laid down by the UK Health and Safety Executive.

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The SAFE DECK platform has a safe working load of 200kg per metre square, the same classification as a load class three general-purpose scaffolding platform built using
conventional tubes and fittings.

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Coming in three different size panels, SAFE DECK is lightweight, easy to handle, erect and dismantle.


With only three components it is quicker to erect than a traditional
birdcage scaffold with up to 60 m/2 per hour erected or dismantled.


Once installed, the working platform does not need to be altered, even for the installation of party wall scaffolding, internal blockwork, floor joists or roof trusses.

The system has been developed to allow tube and fitting scaffolding to be built through the product to allow access to peaks and party walls.

200kg per m/2

Safe working load - the same classification as a traditional birdcage

60 m/2 per hour

3x quicker to erect and dismantle compared to a traditional birdcage

3 panel sizes

Available in 1m x 1m, 1m x 750mm and 1m x 500mm. SafeDeck is suitable for all room configurations

HSE compliant

SAFEDECK meets BS EN 12811-1 Part 3 (structural integrity & safety factor for use as a General Purpose Working & Safety Platform) 
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