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Site safety, our mission.


At SAFE DECK, we strongly believe safety in the workplace is paramount.  We are here to help protect people who are working at height from internal falls on both residential and commercial new build projects.

We supply and fit across the UK and have built a reputation of experience and professionalism.

The SAFE DECK injection molded panels form a working platform that has safety and efficiency at its core. It is strong, multifunctional and easy to use. The innovative solution is load bearing, prevents falls and can increase productivity whilst reducing costs.

SAFEDECK has undergone rigorous testing and can be loaded to 200KG m/2. Our platform has also been tested to BS EN12811-1:2003 and ACR (M) 001:2005 British Industry Standards.

The SAFEDECK platform allows employees and sub-contractors to install floor joists and roof trusses from the safety of a working platform at their feet, saving on labour times whilst having the added benefit of eliminating the potential risk of a fall.

If you would like to speak to someone or learn how the system works please contact us on;

          Phone: 01579 340645



200kg per m/2

Safe working load - the same classification as a traditional birdcage

60 m/2 per hour

3x quicker to erect and dismantle compared to a traditional birdcage

3 panel sizes

Available in 1m x 1m, 1m x 750mm and 1m x 500mm. SafeDeck is suitable for all room configurations

HSE compliant

SAFEDECK meets BS EN 12811-1 Part 3 (structural integrity & safety factor for use as a General Purpose Working & Safety Platform) 
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